Established in 1997, Darwin optical designs, manufactures, and makets high quality   Polycarbonate ophthalmic lenses. We are proud of being self-reliant in every stage of lens   manufacturing processes. Starting from the optical design of lenses, precision mold making,   injection to different coating process, each step is completed by skilled engineers and
  well-trained workers, maintaining the highest of standards and quality control. The self
  molding manufacturing skills ensure better control on the lens’ quality and provide more
  flexibility and efficiency during the production process.

  Darwin’s goal is to provide 100% satisfaction for all our customers in all their indoor and   outdoor activities. Darwin offers a broad range of quality premium polycarbonate lenses from   single vision, bifocal, progressive, as well as Rx lenses with different designs and various   treatments. With our extensive product offerings and commitment to quality, Darwin PC lens   products are among the best in the optical industry.

  Looking ahead, we will further intensify our R&D capabilities to uncover new polycarbonate   technologies, materials and designs, expand our product line for the overall good of the   ophthalmic community.



Founded in Taichung, Taiwan

1998 Opened 1st production factory in Taichung
2000 Vicozy Single Vision production began
2003 Bifocal products introduced
2004  Opened 2nd production factory in Taichung
2006  ISO 9001 certified
2007 Launched Reach PAL and Sunbalance Photochromic products
2008 “Sunbalance® Photochromic ophthalmic lenses” was awarded “The 15th Taiwan
SMES innovation Award” Introduce super hydrophobic dust free AR lenses.
2009 Opened 3rd factory in Taichung. Launch Polycarbonate Polarized lens and            Polycarbonate finished Progressive lens.
2010 Complete the development of 3rd generation of SUNBALANCE photochromic lens.
Expand new production lines. .
2011 Obtain USA inventive patent in photochromic coating technology.
Introduce Pre-tinted lens.
2012 Introduce FOGSKIP anti-fog lens.
Obtain TAIWAN inventive patent in photochromic coating technology.
Expand production lines. Production capacity increase 30%.
2013 Install RX LAB machine. Introduce BLITA blue light control 3C lens.
2014 Introduce SUNBALANCE S6 photochromic lens.
2015 A new 5,000㎡ factory is under construction.
2016 IIntroduce JAMORE high performance AR coating lens.
2017 Introduce COSMIC PCUV420+ lens. Complete the 3rd factory.
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