Vicozy Polycarbonate lens provides a unique combination of benefits that make it the ideal choice of
all your lifestyles. The Vicozy Polycarbonate lens offers the greatest reduction of both thickness and
weight. Inherent UV cut and impact resistance of polycarbonate provide even more complete
protection to your eyes.

Lighter and Thinner

Polycarbonate(PC) has an extremely light specific gravity (1.2) and is a high index material (1.586), thus making lenses lighter than most other materials. Vicozy polycarbonate lenses are up to 30% lighter than the conventional plastic lenses and are up to 46% thinner than conventional plastic lenses. Being thinner and lighter means that polycarbonate lenses will provide the maximum in wearing comfort.

  Darwin Optical Company provides aspheric design on both plus and minus ranges. Unique aspheric design helps to eliminate the unwanted distortion, focus light rays on a single point which providing wears sharper vision and reduces bulk.  
  Vicozy polycarbonate lenses offer greater impact resistance than thier high-index plastic counterparts, and are 60 times more impact resistant than glass and 10 times stronger than conventional plastic. PC is the only high-index lens material that can be surfaced to a 1.0mm center thickness and still pass the FDA drop-ball test for impact resistant.  

  Exposure to UV light is believed to contribute to the development of cataracts and other eye
disorders. Vicozy polycabonate lenses protect you fully against ultraviolet radiation. They block
all UVB and UVA up to the 380nm limit.
Besides the inherent UV protection and impact resistance of the lens, Vicozy lens has the built-in benefits of hard-coating treatment, a feature that may cost extra on plastic lenses. Three kinds of hard-coating are available.


1.Super scratch resistant hard-coating:
   The superior scratch resistant coating allows the lens to last longer and protects your investment.    The coating is fully compatible with all kinds of multi-coating process.
2.Regular tint hard-coating:
   The lens can be tinted up to 50% which is a good choice for those people who likes fashion tint.
3.Fast tint hard-coating:
   The lens can be tinted up to 70% within 20 minutes. The combination of prescription and sunglasses    benefits is the best choice of your outdoor activities.

With the latest Vicozy AR coating, the amount of light transitted to the eye is raised to virtually 100%, giving you the best possible vision. Other benefits of multi-coating include improved contract, reduction of glare, stray and ghost images, and improved appearance, which enhance vision acuity and comfort.
  Super Hydrophobic AR Coating:
Vicozy super hydrophobic AR coating integrates the latest technology in super hydrophobic top-coat and scratch resistant coating on both sides of the lens. The super hydrophobic properties help repel water, dirt, dust, fingerprints, and smudges dramatically better than ever before, making the lens easier to clean.